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Dreaming of a pool that is worth spending time in?​

Let us help you remodel your existing pool & elevate your backyard into a space you have always envisioned. 


Whether your pool is older and needs updating or you saw an upgrade that you would love to have, don't start from scratch! Let us help you give your pool the COMEBACK it deserves! 

Does my pool need a remodel?

There are many reasons why you might be thinking about remodeling your pool. Maintaining your pool and replacing outdated materials or equipment can help expand the lifetime of your backyard’s favorite investment. 


Here are some reasons you might need a remodel: 

The pump, plumbing, or filter are outdated & you start to notice leaks or inconsistencies.  

Your tiles, deck, or lights are worn out, showing age & use.

Your budget has grown & you would like to add some new styles & luxury features.

You are ready to fall in love with your backyard and pool again!






Everyone loves a Come Back

When faced with the death of a husband & the financial uncertainty that came with no life insurance, our founder, Laurie Peacher, had to build a new life for her and her four children. 


Laurie was born and raised here in College Station, and grew up as the daughter of local homebuilder, Tony Jones ’70. She is a member of the fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 1995 and stays true to her maroon roots.  


In a moment when she had no one else to lean on and needed to provide for her family, she decided that she needed to create her own come back. 


With a foundation of fifteen years in the pool business, Laurie used her working knowledge and experience to build address a local service need: Pool Restoration. 


Laurie and her team work hard to provide clients a high quality product that  not only fits their budget, but builds a piece in their home that brings family and friends together. Her favorite part of the process is seeing the look on her clients’ faces when the project is completed and their swimming pool made a beautiful COME BACK! 

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